HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION Grabner oppblåsbar catamaran seiljolle


Seiljolle: Grabner HAPPY CAT catamaran Evolution.

Oppblåsbar Catamaran med høy performance. Denne ligger midt mellom NEO og HURRICANE modellen i HAPPY CAT serien.
Har du drømt om egen seilbåt? Har du liten plass eller vil du ha det lett og enkelt? Har du lyst å ta med familien på havet eller dra på tur med catamaran og telt?

Vi lanserer nå en catamaran som passer i en golf! Ta den med i bobilen eller ha den klar på hytta.

Dette er en oppblåsbar catamaran som gjør seiling enkelt og tilgjengelig






Nettside til produsenten.




Go sports sailing like a pro, enjoy a great day on the water with the family, teach kids to sail, go on adventures with friends, glide across the water on a motorboat, experience something new on your camping trip.

It’s all possible with the HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION!

HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION is the culmination of 60 years of dinghy catamaran sailing “evolution.” It meets all of the requests which demanding sailors have made in the past few years.

Through decades of development, a scientific hydrodynamic research project and three years of intensive experiments, we’ve made it possible to obtain previously unimaginable benefits from a collapsible, inflatable catamaran.

The HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION is the most perfect boat in its class in every respect! The perfected, extensive towing tank experiments and computer-designed hulls provide a minimum level of water resistance and optimal floatation.

The length, girth, bend, bow and stern are completely in sync with each other to guarantee maximum sailing performance.

a perfect boat for the entire family

The EVOLUTION is the perfect boat for comfortable sailing.

It does not matter whether it is for children, the whole family or seniors who have only discovered their love for sailing later in life.

The easy-to-handle main sail and jib, as well as the light wheel make it easy for beginners to sail in a short period of time.

The stable structure ensures the required safety on board. If the capacity of the EVO becomes too much, it is possible to increase the tipping stability with a much smaller “strong wind sail” (*), to considerably increase the tipping stability.

Enough room on board is ensured. The large trampoline is attached at the same height as the tail. As a result, the seating area is not only limited to the frame but is also expanded all the way out to the hulls.

If necessary, the catamaran can be transformed into a large swimming platform with which you can anchor in a remote bay. Kids can swim while their parents enjoy the sun.

Whether it is a one-day excursion or a family vacation on the water, everything becomes an unforgettable experience with the EVO.

Time to get on  board, time for a switch!


Many photos and particularly the great videos prove that the EVO is exactly the right boat.

The EVO is designed in such a way that it can withstand even the highest demands!

The Wavepearcer hulls with a convex water line along with the rigging coordinated with it allow mono-hull sailing even at a wind intensity of 3. Equipped with the trapezoid (*), amazing speeds can be reached at speeds above 4 Beaufort. And if capsizing should occur, a tipping safety cushion (*) prevents turtling and along with the capsize line (*) it is easy to put the boat back upright.

An EVO is particularly of interest to active or former surfers. It has special advantages compared to a surfboard:

  • Sit comfortably instead of standing
  • Do not stand in the water – barely get wet
  • Stay on board even when the wind is abating
  • Cover broad distances
  • More sporty with people on board.

The EVO – a speedy boat – especially for everyone who expects a high level of performance.


The EVO is not only suitable for the beach or one-day sailing excursions but also for long-haul sailing trips.
Here a lot of space is usually required for luggage and equipment.

With a foredeck cover (*), the useful space can be increased by one third. The cover is attached on the standard cross bar. It is even possible to climb onto it, sit and lie on it.

In order to be able to sit very comfortably for hours, there is a cushion (*), which can be set in terms of seat hardness.

The Wavepiercer hulls ensure that the EVO has enough buoyancy – even when it is heavily loaded on the foredeck – away from the tip and the foredeck does not dive down.

A standard commercial 2-person dome tent can be erected onto the trampoline on which you can get a restful sleep without contact with the ground, e.g. on a rocky surface.

Why not just try a multi-day sailing trip near the coast? You can go home by car or public transport.


can fit into almost any car

A particularly important aspect of HAPPY CAT is mobility.

The catamaran does not need a trailer nor an expensive berth. It is designed to occupy no more than 185 cm in any direction. That means the entire boat can fit into almost any car. If your car boot can’t fit it, you can always transport
the boat in a roof cargo box.

Because of its compact size, the HAPPY CAT is very popular piece of sports equipment among car and RV drivers alike. It fits easily into an RV and it’s a very fun activity on a camping trip. At home, you only need a small area for its storage.

Thanks to some technical innovations like the as the mast foot hinge, the EVO can also be transported by a single person.

Assembly takes about 40 minutes by yourself. With practice, two people can bring this number down to
25 minutes.

Transporting the boat from the shore to water can easily be done alone thanks to the small slipping wheels (*) attached to the frame or with the help of a Happy Cat trolley (*).


Discover distant beaches together with friends!

The EVO is also perfectly suited for trips of several days.

The large trampoline surface and the bow deck provide enough space for four adults and equipment. The stern is capable of as much as 3 HP even when sailing.

The large trampoline is spacious enough to accommodate two adults in a tent.

Because of its resilient hulls, you can dock nearly anywhere without causing damage.


High-tech frame and rig

All special frame and rig sections consist of a high strength aluminium alloy and are anodized to be seawater resistant.

The centreboard,helm and fittings are made of high quality stainless steel and are stained to prevent aggressive saltwater corrosion.


3-layer boat skin

The floats are made of 3-layer EPDM / natural rubber boat skin that has been tried and tested 100,000 times.

This guarantees optimum airtightness, top fire resistance and a long life cycle.


Thanks to the high operating pressure (0.3 bar), the floats are given maximum stability.

This significantly improves the solidity of the longitudinal direction wand torsion and makes it easier to stray the course.


In addition to the 5-years (7-years when online warranty form is used)  boat skin warranty, there is also a 2-year total warranty on the entire boat (the requirement is that the warranty provisions are observed).


A HAPPY CAT cannot be beaten when it comes to sustainability. If looked after correctly, the boat will last for years. At the end of its lifecycle, all components can be recycled and the environmentally friendly rubber material used
to generate long-distance heat.

The construction of the HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION conforms to ISO 6185 category VI governing manufacture according to EU regulations.

Approval to category C permits the use on large lakes, coastal waters, wind force to Beaufort 6 and respective waves.

The boat is supplied with the declaration of conformity as per EU regulation 2013/53/EU. That dispenses with complicated procedures regarding individual approval for the use of an engine.