En helt rå karbonhydrofoil fra Takuma Concept som virkelig åpner opp for downwind, surf, wingride/wingsurf og pumping.

Ta kontakt med oss for veileding pris og levering. Vi har lang erfaring innen hydrofoil.


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Surf Foil / Sup Foil / Wake Foil / Wind Foil

Extraordinary ease of use combined with superb performance, the LB 1600
has been designed to be the most efficient and versatile foil on the market!
Designed by Foil Master Laurent Borgna in New Caledonia.

Its exceptional maneuverability makes the glide exceptionally playful.
Not only ideal for foiling in waves but also for high performance speed in downwinders.
Adding winglets allow the wings to be more efficient at creating lift and reducing drag.
One all-round hydrofoil to do everything! Wing 1600 is the ultimate choice for medium to advanced level riders.

FRONT WING Wing Span : 865mm Chord : 245mm Project Area : 1600cm2 / STABILIZER 300 Wing Span : 430mm Chord : 85mm Project Area : 300cm2 / MAST 75cm full carbon
100% full carbon