Zeeko BULLET – ALLOY HYDROFOIL (gratis frakt)

Er du lyst på en rask hydrofoil i aluminium som får særdeles bra tilbakemelding. Denne foilen er rette valget både prismessig, men også i forhold til stabilitet/ytelse. Vi lever tilbyr også produktet foilmount som gjør at du kan feste denne hydrofoilen til uansett brett.

Ta kontakt med oss i forhold til valg av lengde på mast samt festepunkt på brett.

Foilen kan også bestilles med ulike vinger. Vi hjelper deg i forhold til riktig valg.

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Foil is becoming increasingly popular year after year, we are striving to produce products which are both performant and versatile. This year, the new Bullet Alloy Series foil from ZEEKO is born.

True evolution in this field.

On the program, a wide range of use suitable for beginners and riders most experienced looking for performance and sensations.

Its new design makes it the fastest alloy foil on the market.


  -New more efficient design

  -Thin 13mm thick mast

  -New shorter hydrodynamic fuselage

  -4cm high vertical fin

  -Wide range of optional wings to cover all types of practice


The new Foil Bullet is both versatile and performant.

With its taller vertical fin and its new fuselage, it has great stability and allows as much to progress serenely as reaching incredible speeds on an alloy foil (beyond 38 knots).

Its thinner mast brings to all a reduction of the drag which will enerate a higher acceleration and a higher speed.


This new model combines performance and adaptability.

It will allow beginners to learn, and continue to progress without real limits thanks to the differents wings available in option.

The most experienced riders will find a lot of fun in riding with this new foil due to its excellent performances including speed and its incredible upwind efficiency.

This new Bullet hydrofoil directly competes with carbon foils.

In fact, more than to being competitive, this foil has many other advantages with especialy its new alloy structure and its design.

  – Several lenghts of masts are available (60cm, 90cm, or 96cm).

You can start to learn with 60cm long mast (perfect for the first rides) and then progress and opt for a longer mast which will more suit for race and performance.

The balance will be easier to find than with a mast of 96cm.

  – Thanks to its 4cm fin, the foil is very stable and the yaw effect is less present. Whatever the wind or sea conditions, you will get more control.

However, it is possible to install a 2,5cm fin for more fun and carving ability

  – Better speed control : The optimized design design for performance in not at the expense of control. It is a essential quality to fast with confidence.

  – The price, among the lowest in the market without leave out the performances.


Mast, plate and fuselage

All of our Alloy Series foils are made with a specific alloy of aluminium (different from the 6061 alloys of most foils on the market).

This alloy fabric increases the stiffness of the foil, but also give an unequaled resistance to corrosion.

Also, most foils in the market are only anodized. The ZEEKO foils are both anodized and painted with a paint increasing the glide as well as the performance of the foil.

Front and back wings

The shape of the front and back wings has been studied and developed to reach maximum comfort and stability.

The wings (except the Carver) are made in pre-preg sandwich thanks to a new molding method allowing an amazing rigidity, a shape more efficient and a contained weight.

The front wing has dihedral for a better carving control and an unbeatable overall stability.

A full range of wings are availables

  – Race Wing, is perfect fo use during races, and it is also compatible for the beginners

  – Speed Wing, perfect for high speed runs, jumps and big waves

  – Freeride Wing, perfect for beginners and experienced, very multipurpose

  – Carver Wing, rather focused curves, low speed and small waves

Vertical fin and stabilizer

This vertical fin is also switchable (standard height : 4cm) it offers a great stability particulary reducing the yaw effect (ideal for beginners). It can be changed by a smaller fin (2,5cm) for more fun and carving ability.

All TwinTips fins are compatible


The aluminium parts are anodized and painted, offering a double protection.

The aluminium used is the most resistant to salt water

It is recommended to use the T-Gel for screws, supplied when buying.

New stiffer plate

The Bullet Foil plate has been redesigned to make it easy and quick to connect to the board. No need to completely unscrew the 4 screws. It is enough to loosen by a quarter turn the 4 screws of connection to the board, and the foil is disassembled.

In this sport, the stiffness is important. It is for this reason that we chose to strenghthen the plate with an additional reinforcement around the mast. This allows reduces the mast flex and get a better board/foil connection and a better feeling during the ride

Available board connexion :

  – Two U.S rails

  – Tuttle Box

  – KFBox

The plate is compatible with all the boards of the market, two distances are available : 165*90 ou 160*85

Fuselage and hydrodynamic

The fuselages are produced using a 5-axis CNC machine allowing to dremove holes on the top of the fuselage made to connect the front wing.

In use, there is a reduction of the drag in the water.

The Bullet has been designed with a 12cm shorter fuselage than the White&Green foil.

The shorter fuselage allows a drastic drag reduction (more performance) as well as a better maniability.

A full range of optional wings and fins are available

All our fins and wings are made with fiberglass and not carbon to avoid problems of electrolysis between the two materials.

The foil-board screws are delivered with the boards.

Vi tar kontakt med deg angående lengde på mast (60,90, 96-cm) og tillkobling til brett.